Session Start (lucygoosey : DianeMnz): Wed Feb 10 14:24:34 1999

DianeMnz: Hey Lucy!
lucygoosey hey
DianeMnz: You still at the office?
lucygoosey: yah... so tired
DianeMnz: Oh BTW, I finally picked up that Adams book. Looking forward to reading it! =)
DianeMnz: Tired?
lucygoosey: still having problems with the house
DianeMnz: What did the electrician say?
lucygoosey: he couldn't find anything wrong
DianeMnz: Oh BS
lucygoosey: yah john is calling another tech today
DianeMnz: Good for him.
DianeMnz: You wanna come over tomorrow night? Grab some dinner? I'll bring Paul so the men can talk hockey =)
lucygoosey: but it's not just the short circuits
lucygoosey: sure that sounds nice
DianeMnz: Oh lord, is it turning into a money pit?
lucygoosey: i don't knw
lucygoosey: i hear things now and then
DianeMnz: ?
lucygoosey: it's just weird
DianeMnz: Like things in the walls? Is it Orkin time?
lucygoosey: not like that
lucygoosey: voices
DianeMnz: Voices?
lucygoosey: i don't believe in ghosts, d, but it's like that
lucygoosey: that's the closest comparison
DianeMnz: Woah
DianeMnz: You're serious?
lucygoosey: i went to the laundry room monday night to get an extra blanket for the bed and i swear i heard someone choking in the hallway
lucygoosey: it was like choking
DianeMnz: !
DianeMnz: Lucy, that's horrible!
lucygoosey: there's a weird mark on the wall there that cuts off at the ceiling
DianeMnz: You think, is it haunted? Do you know much about the place?
lucygoosey: i think it's stress, i think i'm just falling apart
DianeMnz: I'm so sorry.
lucygoosey: the movers, and my mom getting sick, and john's crazy hours at the new job working for those french oil ppl
lucygoosey: it's making me all stressed out
DianeMnz: You need a spa day, pronto!
DianeMnz: But really I'm here for you
lucygoosey: thanks, u r the best d
lucygoosey: oh and did i tell you about the leak?
DianeMnz: The fridge?
lucygoosey: no
lucygoosey: in the master bedroom there's a leak
DianeMnz: Hold up. The bedroom?
lucygoosey: yah
lucygoosey: from the attic, it's in one corner of the ceiling, a big stain and its spreading
DianeMnz: Water damage? I know it rained recently...
lucygoosey: this is something else
lucygoosey: it's slowly eating at the paint on the drywall
DianeMnz: WTF!
DianeMnz: Plumber?
lucygoosey: john went home early to meet the plumber yah
lucygoosey: they searched the attic up and down and couldn't find where it was coming from
lucygoosey: the plumber says it doesn't seem like chemicals, doesn't smell like that
DianeMnz: What does it smell like?
lucygoosey: like... i don't know
lucygoosey: like bile
DianeMnz: vomit?
lucygoosey: no
lucygoosey: more like stomach acid
DianeMnz: This is just too weird, Lucy. I want to come over tonight. Can I come over?
lucygoosey: i'd rathr come and see you just to get out
DianeMnz: OK. We'll go to Ninfa's. First round of margaritas is on me.
lucygoosey: sounds really good
lucygoosey: i gotta go now, call ya later
DianeMnz: OK